October 31, 2015 archive

6’+ Episode 162 (The 2015 Halloween Special) is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Happy Halloween! Strange Jason is spending the holiday with a special guest: EK THE GHOUL from PHANTOM CREEP THEATRE! These two will have plenty of time to party, as it seems Jason is cursed to live the same Halloween over and over again! Will MONSTERMATT PATTERSON …

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Halloween, Kava Kon Style

Some might frown at people carving anything other than a pumpkin to make a Jack O’Lanterns, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable. There are some amazing watermelon carvings out there and the whole carving tradition originally involved turnips. So pineapple Tiki O’Lanterns are fine in my book. Especially when they are accompanied by creepy music …

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