October 17, 2015 archive

6’+ Episode 160 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Our yearly all ambient and amtmosFEARic episode! It will put the creep into your Halloween! Psychos and punks beware because this episode is full of that creeping doom! With music from PRELUDE TO A NIGHTMARE, VERSE 13, DULCET JONES, DARKMOOD and so much more! The most …

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Freaky Food II

Given all the sugary treats which fill our diets during the Halloween season, it’s nice to throw some nutritious stuff into the mix. So why not try making a tasty “Orange Jack-o-Lantern” from American Cookery Volume 24 for your next dessert or snack? Elyse Salpeter also has a wide selection of healthy Halloween treat suggestions. …

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Video Store Day Is Here!

Today marks another year in the ongoing battle against blandness in viewing choices. Far too many retail stores are minimizing their physical media selections and that can’t be a good sign for rental stores. Although the stakes are higher than ever, there is still hope for those who enjoy more than just mainstream fare. More …

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