October 24, 2015 archive

6’+ Episode 161 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “Who’s that behind that mask? It’s 6ftplus! On an all-covers episode, we play cuts from CREEPSVILLE ’13, a tribute to FORBIDDEN DIMENSION. There’s also music from ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN, HAUNTED GEORGE, THE NEBULAS, THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES. One of the dangers of trick or treating reveals itself …

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The Pumpkin Dance

You might have already seen the famous video of a man in a pumpkin mask dancing to the theme from Ghostbusters. Perhaps you saw one of the remixes or parodies. If you have not and are wondering just what in the world I am talking about, here’s the infamous video courtesy of KXVO 10:00 News: …

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