Free Printable Halloween Window Silhouettes II


Has it really been three years since I last shared a collection of spooky silhouettes with you all? Time sure does fly!

Let’s start off with the image illustrating this post. You get your choice of the more cleaned up version above and the larger (but less than pristine) original version. You can get several more silhouettes from the same source, albeit in a much smaller size. You can consult with your local copy shop about just how large you can get those blown up to. Searching through vintage sources has also lead to me find a Halloween brownie stencil and some other images which could be converted into window decor with a little work. The same can be said for the silhouettes intended for a Halloween lantern project. Jinxed-Deviantart’s “Flying Bat Tutorial” can also be used to create window silhouettes.

Better Homes and Gardens also has some lantern silhouettes while Homedit has stuff intended for windows, walls and other interesting locations. Instructables has two silhouette projects, one for a garage door and the other has a creepy following eyes effect! So far RavensBlight only has a “Vampire Shadow Caster” which can either be converted into window decor or be projected onto a white sheet hung over a window, but I suspect we’ll be seeing more at the “Haunted Paper Toys” or “Halloween Treats” sections of the site in the future.

Pinterest is a great source for traditional window silhouettes, as are Wondermom Wannabe, the Contemplative Creative and the Graphics Fairy.

On a final (and green) note, both Inhabitat and Megan Cooley Peterson’s How to Build Hair-Raising Haunted Houses show just how easy it is to make reusable silhouettes to display year after year.

Gravedigger’s Local 16 is not to be held responsible for the content on or anything that may occur (be it good or bad) as a result of visiting or downloading from any links on those sites (or constructing a project that’s detailed on them). Attempt at your own discretion.

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