Quick Makeup Tips and Costume Ideas II


I want to discuss a few things before I get to the main subject of this article. It turns out my first article on this subject had a lot of broken links. I have since fixed everything and threw in some new material to make up for it. Also, the “Quick” in the title is a reference to this being a short collection of links and not a reference to it being exclusively made u[ of easy, last minute ideas. Some of this stuff is going to take a long time, but the results will be worth it.

If you need some inspiration or instructions for last minute costumes, Pinterest and Instructables have the perfect guides for you. I’ve got plenty of good last minute ideas too. You can wear a cooking pot on your head and go out as a pothead! Put two bandages on your neck to transform yourself into a vampire’s victim! Do you want to dress as Michael Myers but don’t have the time or money to get the necessary accessories? Turn an old white bed sheet into the classic ghost costume, throw on some glasses and you’ll be instantly recognizable as the costume he wore during one of the classic kills from the original Halloween. You can even carry around a prop butcher knife if you want to make sure everyone will get the reference. Next year you can cut a bunch of holes in it, remove the glasses and go as Charlie Brown! A bag with a rock in it is optional. When in doubt, there’s always the handy newspaper hat.

Paper bag masks are a quick and easy costume idea and one of the benefits is how you can easily customize the size of the eye holes. If you want to make one like the masks in the above photograph, you can use some of the silhouettes I recently shared.

The Home Haunters Facebook page has plenty of costume tutorials and gory makeup effects. HauntProject also has some great stuff about makeup and distressing clothing.

If that last subject is of interest to you, then you should check out Screaming Scarecrow’s “A Few New Tricks For Ye Ol’ Top Hat.”

Ghoul Skool lives up to its name with its tips on spooky makeup and easily made costumes. The same can be said for Monster Tutorials, which includes tutorials on making fake maggots for wounds and holes in human flesh (among many other tips). Kinkx has another method of making maggots, along with tons of makeup tips.

Curiomira shows us how you can make something impressive without spending a lot of money with their deamon costume. Similarly, Field & Stream shows how to make a great ghille suit on the cheap. Can you say “swamp monster?” I can! Speaking of Halloween costumes which would also work in a haunted attraction, check out the “Jar Head” costume from Thirty Handmade Days.

Let’s get gross with the next collection of links. Jonathan Quijano’s Make Your Own Horror Movie shows how to become a gruesome zombie, 100% Pure Fake by Lyn Thomas shows how to make a fake blister and rotting skin, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crafts with Kids by Georgene Lockwood demonstrates how to make easy scars and wounds while Haunting on a Halloween: Frightful Activities for Kids by Linda White and Fran Lee covers warts and scabs.

I Love Halloween has lots of great makeup and costume tutorials, like the on their fingernail art ideas on their main site and the cupcake costume on their official Facebook page. LittleThings.com also has some great Halloween makeup ideas.

Finally, here are some old articles with more information about easy costume accessories:

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