Tricks and Treats VII


Wondering what this article’s illustration is supposed to represent? It’s a “Jack-o’-Lantern Lamp Shade” and it’s very easy to make if you want one for yourself.

Other fun vintage projects include the “Witch Wheel” (just be sure to use a light source that’s safer than candles) and little decorative pumpkins made from dough. “Cornstarch Play Dough,” to be specific.

For more modern Halloween projects, why not try making “Duct Tape Candy Corn Cuties,” or a black cat lawn decoration? These “Gory Hand Salad Tongs” make for a great way to serve candy and can be easily made with stuff found at your local dollar store.

Those craving more realistic fare will appreciate the tombstone templates available from Hedstorm Productions. Adding fake lichen to your tombstones will also add to the effect. If you want to use your finished project in a homemade horror movie, head over to wikiHow for some handy hints.

A “Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost” can be as realistic or as cute as you want it to be. I have even seen people make life size and sitting versions of them! No matter what style you choose, I think we can agree it would go great coupled with a séance table.

Looking for fun paper projects? Dribbble is offering the “Wilbur the Worm and his Skull” puppet and Man Made DIY shows us how to fold an origami skeleton hand.

Amazon’s preview for Halloween Party Ghost Effects by Charlie Henley has instructions on how to turn your bathroom into a small haunted attraction!

Facebook has a printable The Black Scorpion mask and a Halloween bottle opener complete with a magnetic lid catcher!

YouTube and eBay both offer ways to get free foam for your prop projects and Scare Season has some great freebies available in addition to their haunted attraction reviews.

Finally, I want to point out how Head Injury Theater had a “Horror Alphabet” long before The ABCs of Death films ever got made.

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