Haunted Attraction Review Websites V

Exactly two years ago today, I thought I had managed to round up links to all online sources of haunted attraction reviews. I was wrong. Although I was right about getting to take a vacation from this article series for a few years, so I guess it all balances out. Here’s the current crop of review websites:

Zioptis Foundation
Haunted Attractions | The Queen of Scream
Haunted Attractions and Experiences | Midsummer Scream
Halloween Haunts 365
the Haunt Squad
Spirit Light Productions
Minnesota Monster Review
haunted attraction Archives – Zombies in My Blog
Attraction Chasers
Hauntopsy Reviews & Consulting
All Things Haunted
HauntSearch Magazine
Florida Fright Reviews
Next Up Haunted Adventures
Fright Tour
Haunt News Network
New England Haunts
Behind the Thrills ‏
Haunt Finder General
The Frequent Fear Podcast
York Fright Review Squad
Terror-Forming Nottingham
The Gore Guide
Theme Park Review
My Haunt Life
haunted houses – AXS
Jill Kill
The Haunted Enthusiasts
Haunt House Reviews – FrightFind
Haunt Nation Magazine
The Haunted Review
All Hallows Haunts | For The Love Of Horror, Halloween & Haunts!
The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights – NEOZAZ
Buffalo Haunted Houses
Halloween Directory
The Halloween Project
Lowell Haunted Houses – Your Guide to Halloween in Lowell

Those last two are interesting cases. According to the main screen of the Halloween Project, the reviews are currently down and it redirects visitors to the creator’s new website The October Geek. However, one can use the Internet Archive to look at the old reviews if so desired. Lowell Haunted Houses does have a reviews section, but there are no reviews posted as of this writing!

Here are some alternate URLs for some of the sites I’ve noted before:

Haunt Rater
NCHaunts FrightSeekers
Spooky Review/Haunted Illinois
HauntSearch Magazine
Motor City Horror Club
Haunted Attraction Review
Haunted USA Tour

And as a special bonus, here are the previous installments in this series:

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