Music to Haunt By: The Return

So what’s new in the world of spooky ambient music? Jerry Vayne’s Blackmoon Asylum has been unleashed and World of Fright (whose work has appeared on our podcast many times) released his first album earlier this year. Both Shadow’s Symphony and Prelude to a Nightmare are working on new material while the second part of Verse 13’s Shadows and Dusk is still in the works. Just like last year, I’ll be sharing more news as the countdown continues. Until then you can enjoy last year’s “Music to Haunt By” articles:

Music to Haunt By: The Return
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Music to Haunt By: When Time Ends
Music to Haunt By: Horror, I’m Afraid
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Music to Haunt By: Ghost Stories
Music to Haunt By: Cellblock

Let’s not forget the 2016 episode of the podcast which tied into those articles!

I’m sure you’re practically salivating over the annual free downloads. Fry Height’s “Eerie Escalation” and Caleb Hines’ “Buried Alive” are two great tracks that are just perfect for unnerving visitors. Their relative obscurity will also decrease the likelihood anyone else in your area will be using them on Halloween.

As for the annual advice on using music and sound to scare people, let’s check out Mr. Maniacal’s The Art of Fear: Theories of a Dark Entertainer. It’s fulled with great tips about audio use in haunted attractions. Well, except the part about mixing selections from copyrighted movies and albums to create your own soundtracks. Please don’t tell me you need an explanation of why I think that’s a bad idea.

Come to think of it, now seems like a good time to clarify the purpose of this series. It’s primarily aimed at home haunters rather than professional haunters. That’s why I offer free downloads and sometimes look at unusual choices for haunting music. The constant references to handing out candy on Halloween are an admitted hint as to the articles’ target audience but I think a little clarity would be helpful. Sure, professional haunters can still get helpful ideas and leads on music to use, but I would expect them to license the use of anything which the artist didn’t specifically say was available for royalty free use.

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