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Happy 10th Birthday, Gravediggers Local 16

Ten Years ago, a post titled “Happy Halloween” popped up on a Blogger site. This meandering post, with its wayward sentence construction, was published as a declaration, that this corner of the Internet would be known as Gravedigger’s Local 16. Who knew that ten years later, this site would still be here? The site would …

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Classic Halloween Mask Decor

If you are looking for some spooky wall decorations for the Halloween season, or just because you’re awesome, look no further my friends. Retro A Go-Go, along with artist Doug P’gosh have developed a new line of deadly decor called Vac-Tastic Plastic. Giant, 2 Feet tall masks in the tradition of the classic Halloween masks …

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Record Store Day 2014

This year’s Record Store Day sponsors are Red Bull, Red Eye, Universal, and WB records (along with others.) Plus, with bands like Aerosmith and Linkin Park getting in on the celebration, I’m just about done with Record Store Day. It was cool that they developed this ‘holiday’ to drum up sales for the dying brick+mortar …

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Interview: Ron Rochondo of THE MANGLED DEAD

“Meanwhile some dude is saving up to put monster truck tires on his van but can’t because his rent is too high. That’s the world we live in, and it sucks.” It’s clear that The Mangled Dead are appreciated here, having written a blurb about the band once or twice on this site, as well …

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Your Costume Makes No Sense

Few regrets this year. I regret not catching Jackson Phibes while he was in New York. I also regret that I missed out on The Nebulas, who I last saw when I caught one of the few East Coast performances of The Ghastly Ones. When I saw the Nebulas, they were decked out in the …

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Be Yourself (Behind A Mask)

At the unofficial kick-off of my Halloween season, I talked with one of the actors of Phantom Creep Theatre, the New York City based horror-hosts whose live shows at Coney Island were the highlight of my first summer as a resident of Gotham. The actor performs as one of the many puppets and costumed characters. …

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Evil Dead (in Short)

Mediocre film. Some decent gore, half-way decent acting, boring script with a lot of pointless additions. Was bored for most of my time there. Could have been worse but could have been a whole lot better.

6’+ Episode 27 is up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “How fast a year flies by when you’ve got good music. More changes come about this episode, with Strange Jason introducing himself as the Curator of 6′+. Dr. Gangrene speaks with Fast Eddie Clarke (of Motorhead and Fastway) and Monstermatt gives us another minute of his time. …

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This morning’s contest Update

You should head on over to our twitter feed. A contest had been on since this morning’s Tuesday uEtsy article went up. You still have time tho enter to win a piece of jewelry from FreakBang and Sparkling Bag Candy.

Tuesday Update

Good Morning. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties with the site at the moment. Pages, Archives and anything that isn’t on the front page remains currently unavailable. While we work it out, we’ll suspend Tuesday uEtsy until next week. Sorry about the issues. Update 1:52pm EST: The issue should be resolved. Sorry for the mixup.

Sunday Thinking

Sunday Reading is postponed because the books that I ordered were shipped to a wrong address due to my latent and completely irrationally undiagnosed dyslexia put down “915” instead of “951,” sending the books to the imaginary place in between a laundromat and a guy wielding motorcycles in his garage. The sickness is almost gone, …

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