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Haunted Hotsauce Review

After the Undertaker of HauntedHotsauce.com stopped by for his edition of ‘A Handful of Dirt,’ I decided to try out some of the items available at HauntedHotsauce.com. If ever I am to find a wife, have a kid and somehow raise them right that they make it to college, one of the fist bits of …

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A Handful Of Dirt: THE UNDERTAKER of HauntedHotsauce.com

A Handful of Dirt asks a person five questions they wouldn’t normally expect or receive in any other credible interview.   In consulting the Serendipiter Bag o’InquiryTM, we pose a series of questions to come up with a bit of knowledge unknown before – a handful of dirt.     Would you buy food products …

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