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Printable Halloween Décor III

It has been a long, long time since I last shared any printable Halloween decorations with you. Too long if you ask me. I would like to start off by sharing some material I have previously posted in other articles which you might have missed. Then I’ll get to the new stuff. Promise. Ray O’Bannon …

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Papercraft Chainsaw

A roughly life-size version of a mini chainsaw. Wouldn’t this be a great inexpensive and light weight costume accessory? Or perhaps you might prepare to use it as a static prop in your home haunt or Halloween display. Place it by a fake severed head (or an old mask stuffed with wadded up paper towels), …

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Saint Patrick’s Day Spooktacular

As you can see from the above image, GRAVE is back with a celtic knot-inspired design based around Shin Tanaka’s “Hoophy” template. Just like last time, all you have to do is send him an email about it and he’ll send you its template so you can print out and assemble your own. Although the …

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Papercraft Jiangshi

As much as I enjoyed last year’s Jiangshi inspired papercraft project, I wanted to focus on something a little more traditional this year. But it turns out that finding downloadable Chinese hopping vampire papercraft models online is much harder than one might think. I had originally wanted to showcase this cool jiangshi papercraft, but was …

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Make Your Own Jiangshi

Gravedigger’s Local 16 is no stranger to spooky papercraft, so it only makes sense that we celebrate Chinese New Year with a papercraft Chinese hopping vampire! The one pictured above was designed by GRAVE (which was made using Shin Tanaka’s limited edition “Gritty” template). If you want to build your own papercraft jiangshi (which translates …

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