Tag: St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17 2017

The GdL16 Saint Patrick’s Day Flashback

Our luck has finally run out and we don’t have any new Irish horror goodies to share with you. Since it’s not known how long it will take to replenish our supplies (or if said supplies will ever be replenished), here’s a look back at all of our previous St. Patty’s Day celebrations: Scary Saint …

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Mar 17 2016

Scary Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

Do you live in or near Plano, Texas? If so, you desperately need to look into attending “Saint Patrick’s Slay” at the Dark Hour Haunted House (or at least pick up one of their shirts commemorating the event). If you want to learn more about the world of Irish horror, the Spooky Isles and Emerald …

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Mar 17 2015

Have a Spooky St. Patrick’s Day!

Since we tend to focus on American works inspired by Irish traditions in our annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, it is a welcome change to pace to actually share something from the Emerald Isle with you. It’s an Irish short film called Midnight Dance and it’s the creation of John McCloskey of Raw Nerve …

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Mar 17 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day Spooktacular

As you can see from the above image, GRAVE is back with a celtic knot-inspired design based around Shin Tanaka’s “Hoophy” template. Just like last time, all you have to do is send him an email about it and he’ll send you its template so you can print out and assemble your own. Although the …

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Mar 17 2013

St. Patrick’s Day, Svengoolie Style

Given today’s date and the recent birthday of Rich Koz (aka the man who plays Svengoolie), it seemed that the best way for us to celebrate St. Patty’s Day would be to share this comedy sketch that pits Sven against a leprechaun (but not *the* leprechaun): In case you were wondering, the above video was …

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Mar 17 2012

Spooky Saint Patrick’s Day Goodies

Today seems like the perfect time to share the following bit of news: Lionsgate and the WWE are teaming up to reboot the Leprechaun franchise. It seems safe to assume that Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl will be replacing Warwick Davis and that the much-rumored “Leprechaun goes west” and “Chucky vs. Leprechaun” films have been shelved. If …

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Mar 17 2011

The Banshee’s Halloween

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day here at the local again and I thought it best to take a break from the usual Leprechaun franchise related posts this year. Instead, let’s read a selection from Irish-American author Herminie Templeton Kavanagh’s novel Darby O’Gill and the Good People called “The Banshee’s Halloween.” Although the Irish (and horror) connection …

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Mar 17 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Remember that “Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama” thing from a few years back? The one with that inspired a hilarious rap remix? Well, someone combined it with the trailer from the movie Leprechaun and the world is better for it: Speaking of the Leprechaun franchise, does anyone else out there remember a segment from Entertainment Tonight …

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