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Phibes For The Memories

Yesterday was Vincent Price’s 101st birthday. So today, we wonder if he’s rolling over in his grave as the year-old news of a remake of The Abominable Dr. Phibes saw some life breathed into it. Maybe Vincent’s birthday had some intrepid monster kid google “Dr. Phibes” and saw the year-old HuffPo article about the rumored collaboration between …

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I (don’t) Hate Tim Burton

It’s unfortunate but I think I don’t hate Tim Burton. I used to. Sorta. Hate is a strong word. But from 2005 up to last year, I could loathe Burton like everyone else, pointing out the obvious cracks in his career, bemoaning the “unoriginal thoughts” and “repetitive casting” of the same troupe of actors. I …

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All Dark, No Depp

Can’t say I’m a big Dark Shadows fan, having been born ten years after it went off the air (and never caught a rerun on SyFy or whoever might have carried it post-mortem) so I have no attachment to the franchise. I watched the first twelve episodes or so about a month or two ago, …

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