2010 Contest Page Update – LAST WEEK!

This Saturday is the deadline for the 2010 Halloween Contest here at Gravediggers Local 16. We’ve been caught up in getting ready for the holiday that we’ve missed a prize announcement (or two.) We apologize, and figure today and tomorrow should be the best time to announce the final two additions to our grand prize packs.

If you’ve been following us on Twitter or on Facebook, you’ve known that the ART Contest wins the PAIN IN THE NECK prize pack, while the LIMERICK competition winner will be awarded the OUT OF YOUR GOURD package.

Remember, 11:59pm on 10/16 is the deadline.

So, without further delay….

An addition to the PAIN IN THE NECK….

The Scarecrow brand custom fangs come with everything you need to make them fit your dental dna perfectly, so you can brandish these beauties at all those who would doubt that you’ve got true blood flowing through your veins.
In addition to the BubbleGenius Heart Soap, PERFECT CREATURE on DVD and the realistic blood gel, the ART contest winner will receive the Scarecrow Brand CUSTOM VAMPIRE FANGS!

Remember, this Saturday! 10/16! Enter now!

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