October 9, 2010 archive

The Howling

Not ‘Bowling’ but ‘Howling.’ I hate the idea that becoming a monster is like gaining a superpower. Lately, this idea is perpetuated by Twilight. Yes, it’s a severe offender but let’s face it – the idea has been brewing for decades. We’ve been close to what, thirty? thirty-five years of the idea that being bitten …

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Toho vs. Zilla

Go Go Godzilla!

Despite authorizing the changes made to the character in the American Godzilla movie from 1998, Toho has never been shy about indulging the majority of Godzilla fandom’s desire to see the original Godzilla battle (and destroy) the American version. That same year, Toho’s video game division released Godzilla Trading Battle for the original PlayStation. Despite …

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