October 25, 2010 archive

Music to Haunt By: Nox Arcana

You'd have to be crazy not to get this.

Nox Arcana Official Site Blackthorn Asylum, Monolith Graphics 2009 For years, I had thought the Midnight Syndicate was the only group out there doing spooky ambient albums based around a single theme. So as you can imagine, I was pretty blown away with I stumbled across the Wikipedia entry for Nox Arcana. Elated by the …

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The Trail of Terror

Photos by┬áJonathan Matthews, jon (at) krative.com. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, The Trail of Terror (www.TrailofTerror.com) celebrates its 16th year of operation in 2010. Thankfully, haunt expert Bertram Bertram invited me to come visit and partake of the Trail’s spookiness. This year celebrates ‘Sweet 16,’ marking the anniversary of the Central Valley Hospital massacre that saw …

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