October 20, 2010 archive

A Halloween Moon

The reviewer isn't a poet and boy, does he know it...

Although the use of video technology for decoration did exist in the days of VHS, things really didn’t take off until DVDs entered the picture. Finally, a program could be played over and over again in a loop without the need for constant rewinding. TransLumen Technologies seeks to differentiate themselves from the virtual fireplaces and …

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Help Us Rock the Rondos!

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the Rondo Awards, this is the first time we’re ready for the nomination period. So please, go here and nominate Gravedigger’s Local 16 as the best website (or any other category you think we qualify for) so we can get on the ballot this year.

Tiger Army

I don’t know the guy personally but I’m sure that Tim Armstrong of Rancid is a big fan of psychobilly. Nekromantix, HorrorPops and The Creepshow are all signed to his Hellcat Records label, which also is home to Devils Brigade, which is Matt Freeman’s side project when he’s not playing in Rancid.  Over ten years …

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