Zombie Hunters & ZEROs

If you hung around The Monster Channel on Sundays, you probably caught an episode of “Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead.” The independent horror series depicts the process of culling the growing zombie plague affecting a major metropolitan area. The effects are really great and the acting is pretty good. All the episodes are available online for your watching. 

The tone of the series is very dramatic, sort of The Shield with zombies. There’s a lot of drama dealing with politics and personal agendas. When writing about The Return Man, I remembered ‘Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead.’ Most zombie scenarios are built around the idea that the protagonists aren’t survivalists and are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to warding off the horde of undead. Considering that even the Center for Disease Control seems in on the fun, the idea that we’d be unprepared for this outbreak is becoming less and less of a plausibility. Something like the ‘Zombie Hunters’ is going to be the new norm for the genre if the story is going to happen over any other time than the initial hours of the outbreak.  

Seems that non-indie outlets are jumping on the trend.  At the end of July, SyFy announced the production of the ZEROs. If I read the release and the follow-up talk over at FearNet, either the pilot got green-lit or the whole series is in production. Probably the former. Zeros (short for the Zombie Exermination and Removial Operations) is described by castmember Brian Peck as “Reno 911! meets The Walking Dead,” ZEROs is going to be a satrical view where Zombie Hunters is serious.

I kind of look forward to this show. I hope it gets picked up for a full season (if it hasn’t already) because it would be a welcomed addition to the genre. Hopefully, the writing’s good behind it. Though there are plenty of ways to make a zombie outbreak funny, it’ll be interesting to see which way this show goes.

A lot of changes in the Zombie genre. World War Z got a release date of December 12th, 2012 (hawhaw, 122112. very clever, guys!) and with The Return Man, Zombie Hunters and ZEROs coming out, seems there’s still some life in zombies after all.

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