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Jan 29 2015

Review: Stuart Gordon’s DOLLS

Stuart Gordon’s Dolls is a film that was the staple of any horror section of a video store in the late 80’s and 90’s. And now, 27 years after it’s initial release, the folks over at Scream Factory have given Dolls a blu-ray release with all the bells and whistles. Charles Band, who would later …

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Apr 29 2013

Demonic Toys

It’s a crazy night at the Toyland Warehouse. After a failed sting operation leaves her partner (and lover) dead, officer Judith Gray pursues the arms dealers responsible for his death into the warehouse. But they’re far from alone there. There’s the security guard and his food-delivering friend, a teen runaway…and the demon awakened by one …

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Apr 28 2013

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge

[NOTE: As I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, I had to review these at a friend’s house. At a party. In other words, this isn’t going to be as detailed as my usual reviews.] The year is 1941. The place? Berlin. Andre Toulon is using his puppet show to express his disapproval of the Nazis …

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Mar 30 2013

Puppet Master II

[NOTE: As I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, I had to review these at a friend’s house. At a party. In other words, this isn’t going to be as detailed as my usual reviews.] Things haven’t gone so well for the survivors of the previous film. To be more specific, one has been mysteriously killed …

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Nov 28 2012

Reel Evil

When would-be filmmakers Kennedy, Cory and James land a job shooting behind-the-scenes footage for a major motion picture, they think they’ve finally gotten the opportunity they need to fund their own project. But as all the bickering on the troubled set pushes them to explore the asylum the movie is being shot at, more and …

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Sep 30 2012

Killjoy Goes To Hell

Burn Juggalo Burn!

To say that Killjoy has had better days would be an understatement. Accused of failing his last mission, the demonic clown has been dragged to the depths of Hell to stand trial. With each successful charge, Killjoy loses one of his many aliases. If found guilty, he’ll loose them all and be erased from existence! …

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Jun 29 2012

The Dead Want Women

I just noticed the file name can be read as "The Dead Want Two Men"...

The year is 1927. Silent film starlet Rose Pettigrew is celebrating the completion of her latest film. During a celebratory orgy with some of her closest celebrity friends, she gets the news that talkies are taking over and her voice has gotten her bounced from all the studios. Instead of doing the smart thing and …

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Jan 31 2012

Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection

Inspector Gadget Goes Nutzoid

Full Moon has seen fit to release ten titles from Charles Band’s early days: Auditions, The Best of Sex and Violence, Dreamaniac, Famous T&A, Filmgore, Mutant Hunt, Necropolis, Savage Island, White Slave and Zombiethon. The reason why this collection of both theatrical and direct-to-video release is labeled “Grindhouse” will be revealed later, but first here’s …

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Jan 30 2012

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

Eye Yi Yi!

It was supposed to be a night of spooky fun. Jenna had invited her friends over to help set up her family’s annual haunted house and watch movies. But a combination of occult forces from her mother’s working crystal ball and some of her pals dancing suggestively in front of said ball have somehow brought …

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Jan 25 2012

Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong

Alister, Bachman, Bret and Larnell really thought they had seen the last of any evil talking bongs after their last adventure. But although they drifted apart as a group, the arrival of a meteor containing an evil space bong will soon reunite them. After spiriting off two of their friends and announcing its plans for …

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Jan 22 2012

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

We're baaaaaaack!

Flashing back to the beginning of the original Puppet Master, we see two Nazis enter the Bodega Bay Inn in 1939. Their mission? To capture Andre Toulon in order to obtain his method of bringing puppets to life. Toulon manages to foil them by taking his own life and hiding his puppets. However, said puppets …

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Jan 13 2012


When Mara, Michelle, and Lillian traveled to Romania to study local superstitions for a college course, they had no idea the legends of vampires in Castle Vladislas were true. They also had no idea their new friend Stefan is actually a vampire at war with his evil brother Radu over the Bloodstone, a sacred relic …

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Jan 04 2012

New Year, Full Moon

2012. It’s a brand new year. We have lots of plans here at Gravedigger’s Local 16. First is our eventually taking down our Blogspot page. Although it was the site’s birthplace, there’s no real point in keeping up something that isn’t updated anymore. We’re aiming for having it taken down and converted into a redirection …

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Jun 26 2011

Puppet Master

It’s very appropriate that I’m reviewing this movie now, as summer and Full Moon movies (especially the Puppet Master franchise) are very closely linked for me. Many days of the summer vacations of my youth were spent browsing the aisles at the (now-defunct) local West Coast Video with my younger brother and happily watching our …

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May 31 2011


Given that May is Asian Heritage Month, I thought it would be appropriate to take another look at George Takei’s body of work. Based on my research, it appears that the subject of today’s review, the sci-fi western Oblivion, was the first non-Star Trek, non-TV science fiction movie that Mr. Takei had an onscreen role …

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Apr 30 2011

Killjoy 3

You know you’re in trouble when the creepy occult guy you’re doing business with suggests that you try a more traditional method of revenge rather than summon the ancient demon of vengeance that you’re paying him lots of money to do. But the mystery man in the movie insists on using the demon and after …

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