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The man who puts the 'Die' in

Today, Sunday April 7th, marks the final day of voting for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. In fact, voting ends at midnight tonight!

Both Gravedigger’s Local 16 and Six Foot Plus have grown over the past year. But although there have been changes, our goals still remain the same: to examine all things spooky. We would all appreciate it if you voted for Gravedigger’s Local 16 as “Best Blog” and Six Foot Plus as “Best Horror Multimedia.”

The “Linda Miller Fan Artist of the Year” is the perfect place to write in a vote for our very own Monstermatt Patterson. In addition to his work on the podcast and the various articles he has contributed to our humble little blog, Monstermatt has also built up quite the portfolio of amazing artwork. You can see examples of his amazing work at both his official website and at Ha-Ha! Horror.

To reiterate:

Category 19. Best Blog – Gravedigger’s Local 16
Category 24. Best Horror Multimedia (Audio or Videocast) – Six Foot Plus
Category 31: Linda Miller Fan Artist of the Year – Monstermatt Patterson

If you’re looking for more voting suggestions, please check out the following:

For Your Consideration…Dr. Gangrene for the 2013 Rondo Awards
For Your Consideration…Tom “Jackson Phibes” Bagley for the 2013 Monster Kid Hall of Fame

You can find the ballot (and voting instructions) at the official Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards website.

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