October 31, 2013 archive

6′+ Episode 80 (The 2013 Halloween Special) is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “What happens when Strange Jason forgoes the Halloween hooplah for a night at home? Will the GdL16 Intern be able to work his game at the Halloween Party and finally TALK to R.E.A.P Assistant Director Nemi Lem? What’s going on with Monstermatt Patterson and Igor? All …

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Halloween with Frankie Stein and his Ghouls

Much has been written about Frankie Stein and his Ghouls, so I’ll keep things short and sweet. The name “Frankie Stein and his Ghouls” was used on four music albums released in the 60’s by Power Records (a sublabel of Peter Pan Records, who are actually still around) featuring work by uncredited musicians. But their …

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