October 19, 2013 archive

So THAT’S what happened to the ‘Transylvania Twist.’

Hanging out on twitter, our good friends at ZombiePumpkins.com asked   Anyone know how to do the Transylvania Twist? That’s my favorite line in the Monster Mash song. I want to revive Drac’s dance. — Zombie Pumpkins! (@ZombiePumpkins) October 19, 2013   I sent him a link to a follow-up that Bobby “Boris” Pickett released, …

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Axworthy Flying Ghost

Although Scott Axworthy created what he called the “ghost flight system” in 1988, it was dubbed as the “Axworthy Flying Ghost” (sometimes known as the “Axeworthy Flying Ghost”) when he posted it on the Halloween-L mailing list in 1995. The name’s popularity was only rivaled by that of the prop itself. After all, what haunter …

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Video Store Day Is Here!

If you’re a movie fan and want to depress yourself sometime, just fire up your search engine of choice and try looking for video rental stores in your area (along with the surrounding areas). Chances are you’ll find either nothing active or one lone holdout serving multiple cities. Everything else is just libraries and rental …

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