Creating A Home Haunt For Less Than $100

With the economy and lots of professional haunted attractions either closing or going on hiatus, it’s far too easy to be leery about spending money on a home haunt. Especially when you see some of the amazing home haunts out there. But you don’t have to let a low budget keep you from having a great home haunt or Halloween display. After all, you can print out a lot of stuff that looks great under dim lighting.

Various stuff from around the house can be repurposed into spooky props too. For example, a stock or lobster pot can be used as a witch’s caldron. You can get even more goodies at thrift stores, yard sales and the like. Nothing demonstrates all of this better than the following video, which was uploaded by TheScaryVisions:

Cool setup, huh? I especially love the “Dr. Phobia” logo that’s painted on those old wooden fence panels. Who knew that a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation toy could be used as a haunt prop?

If the name of the above video’s uploader seems familiar to you, that’s because it’s the official YouTube channel for Scary Visions. has a ton of great information for haunters. Both that site and its sister site HaunTopic have tons of great advice for haunters. It should be noted how, despite the video being title “How to Create A Home Haunt For Less Than $100,” it’s not a how-to guide like the numerous tutorials featured on the site itself. Instead, it shows how you shouldn’t let issues like a low budget or seeming lack of space dissuade you from having fun on Halloween. The prop that you think doesn’t look up to snuff might look quite different to a visitor who only gets a quick look at it in the dark (or under colored lighting). This advice can also apply to haunted trail and hayrides as well. However, laws in your area might require you to have special insurance and a special type of building permit for your haunt, so checking with your local government beforehand is a very good idea.

Judging from ScaryVisions’ other home haunt videos, the rooms are monitored by actors who often control multiple scares, so the haunt’s creator clearly knows what he’s doing. It certainly which makes me feel much better about those chainsaws being left out as part of a display. I’m sure they don’t have any fuel in them, but still…


  1. Thanks for sharing my video on your site. Have a great Halloween season!

  2. Anytime! I can’t wait to see what this year’s Dr. Phobia haunt will be like!

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