How To Detail Haunted House Walls

It’s odd…despite being a Halloween/horror blog, we rarely discuss how to make props for Halloween displays and haunted attractions. And when the subject is discussed, it’s usually focused on printable stuff. As you have probably noticed, we’re slowly changing things around here so that we have more how-to stuff in the mix.

As you can tell from the title, the video I’m basing this update around deals with detailing the walls in your haunt. However, it also discusses using spray paint to disguise separately joined pieces of wood and how to create blood and toxic waste effects. So, thanks to minimoose1750, here’s the first episode of the “How to Haunt Your House” web series:

It’s the only installment in the series as of this writing, but I hope to see more in the future. The host clearly knows his stuff when it comes to haunted attractions and prop-building and his presentation is very engaging. I also found the defense of using gore in haunts given in the video to be quite thought-provoking. If anything in the video seems familiar, that’s because it was produced by the creator of Creep Acres. If you’re in the Lafayette, Colorado area this year, be sure to stop by. Not only is it a great haunt, but they’re also taking donations to help victims of the Colorado flooding!

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