It Came From Amazon V

Because when I’m looking for a spooky sound effects CD, I look for one that tries to cash in on the popularity of Lady Gaga. Oh yeah, that won’t be incredibly dated years from now…

While we’re on the subject of sound effects CDs, here’s one that seems hellbent on provoking the legal team of the company that owns Poltergeist and one featuring the greatness of Count Chocula! Sadly, that last one was sold by itself as a Target exclusive and wasn’t a cereal box prize.

I don’t know what’s more surprising: The fact there’s a Dark Star novelization or the fact there’s a Blood Feast novelization!

I found this amusingly crude VHS box art for Shock Waves while looking into whether or not Amazon had the release featuring this cover in stock and I’m torn over which one is the least dignified.

From what I can tell, Kotobukiya is a company that specializes in making statues depicting anime versions of female pop culture characters in sexy poses. Apparently someone there decided they simply had to make a female Ghostbuster just so they could rip up her already revealing outfit. Rather than make an obvious joke about ectoplasm or double entendres about “Bustin’ makes me feel good,” I’m going to move on to the next example of fandom-based sexual fantasies resulting in bewilderingly awful merchandise. Sadly, both official and numerous unofficial musical tributes to 50 Shades of Grey exist. Someone please clue in the target audience for those titles that you can easily (and legally) download classical music for free.

There’s an Archie series about zombies? That’s right up there with Mars Attacks Kiss and its increasingly bizarre ilk.

Similarly, you can also find the official comic book adaptations House II: The Second Story and Moontrap on Amazon! I’m honestly surprised they don’t have a listing for the promotional comic for The Willies.

…the HELL?

Cool, somebody made a bat-based variant of the classic “dropping spider” prop. What? These aren’t all going to be funny.

If you’ve got enough cash, Amazon’s “Patio, Lawn & Garden” section has a ton of great items which can be used as Halloween decor. Although some can be used as standard Halloween decorations, there is a multitude of stuff that can be used in haunts of all kinds.

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