Music to Haunt By and Sounds to Scare By: The Return

It’s been a big year for news in the world of haunting ambiance. Midnight Syndicate has a new live show at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends event called “Conspiracy of Shadows.” Performances will happen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 28th and guests get to meet the group after the show! Although Jerry Vayne has joined the band Seven For Eden, he’s also working out some ideas for an upcoming album that’s tentatively titled “The Dollhouse.” Sam Haynes released Season of the Witch, Music For Haunts recently put out Clown and Dulcet Jones unleashed his new single Ghostflight. There’s a new Verse 13 EP called Killiope which consists of “The Netherworld Circus” from Prelude to the Afterlife and “TerrorKlowns.” Darkmood is working on Slasher after having spent a lot of time on his Infinite Mindscape side project’s new release SPACE (which isn’t a scary ambiance album). Rustyknife’s Sounds of Gore Compilation is no longer a Gore Galore exclusive and can now be found on several online music stores.

You can enjoy the following reviews from last year while you’re waiting for the new ones:

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Music to Haunt By: Halloween

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the 2017 episode of the podcast which is linked to those articles!

The 2018 selection of free downloads will consist of both music and sound effects in celebration of this year’s theme. Prelude to a Nightmare has a massive collection of audio goodness you can download for free over at ReverbNation. But since I suspect that might be only available for a limited time, I’ll also point out how Prelude to a Nightmare’s official SoundCloud page has some free stuff as well. The selection is smaller and you’ll have do a little digging to get them, but the freebies are there. Speaking of SoundCloud, that’s where you can find a frightful field recording from SALA called “moans of a pine tree.” It’s amazing how a simple contact microphone on a tree can transform a gust of wind into spooky groaning sounds.

Sinful Audio has some very informative articles filled with advice on using audio to scare people. But that should come as no surprise given how the company creates original recordings specifically for that purpose!

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