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Ghoultown-Life After Sundown

After what seems like an eternity, horror western punks Ghoultown finally get a vinyl release. Originally released in 2008,Life After Sundown, courtesy of Devils Brew Productions , is 12 tracks of spooky western tales told through the onslaught of that classic western country meets punk gothabilly sound that Ghoultown has perfected over the years. One of the …

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6’+ Episode 28 is up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “VHS, Beta, Blu-Ray and DVD. Find them all at your Local Video Store. This episode captures some of the history so that your local store has a future. Metal Morgue has Dr. Gangrene talking with Count Lyle of Ghoultown, and there’s also MonsterMatt’s Minute. Music from The …

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Haunted George, BONE HAULER

I have trouble writing about Haunted George. I’ve been meaning to write about him for a while; years, even. I’ve started writing about him at least five times at different intervals over the past twenty-four months. It’s been hard to put the my experience to words; seeing “this is the scariest sounding record I’ve ever …

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The Pine Box Boys Tales From The Emancipated Head Official Site The greatest artistic injustice that will come about at the end of 2011 will be the plethora of BEST OF lists that don’t place Tales From The Emancipated Head by The Pine Box Boys up near in the single digits. Most might just straight up …

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