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A silver bullet to the head.

So, Disney got cold feet at the idea of shelling out upwards to a quarter-of-a-billion-dollars in a budget for a movie based off a property that was old back when your parents were young. Yes, The Lone Ranger reboot that had Johnny Depp slated as Tonto. The premise of the Lone Ranger is that six …

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Free (Legal) Download: Werewolf Cult Chronicles

It’s been a long time since the Front Office showed how to get a free download of the movie Pig. Too long, in fact. That’s why I’m stepping up to the plate with another free movie download. This time around, it’s an interconnected series of short films called The Werewolf Cult Chronicles. Although filmed in …

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The Howling

Not ‘Bowling’ but ‘Howling.’ I hate the idea that becoming a monster is like gaining a superpower. Lately, this idea is perpetuated by Twilight. Yes, it’s a severe offender but let’s face it – the idea has been brewing for decades. We’ve been close to what, thirty? thirty-five years of the idea that being bitten …

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It comes down to this.

Vampires are the ruling class. Zombies are the working class. Werewolves are the middle class. Zombies, creatures of the dirt, eating flesh and whatever they can. They overwhelm in their masses and are usually depicted as mindless and violent. Their uprising usually demolishes society as it’s known. Think of Zombies as the working-man’s monster, the …

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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

From what I understand, this song is from the television series, 30 Rock. Happy Yom Kippur to all our Jewish readers!

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