Robot Monster: Special Edition

I think the person who uploaded this, backobeyond, summed it up nicely:

“The following is a clip from a 1982 MTV special. Before MTV had enough music videos to fill their day they scheduled with specials and events. In this TV special Videography Studios and 3D Video pooled their resources and shot new 3D footage to wrap around the 1950s Sci-Fi classic, “ROBOT MONSTER”. The rock group, SPACE CADET star as the guys in silver lamet…. and that’s Bob Burns in the famous Tracy the Gorilla suit from the kid’s TV series, “The Ghost Busters”!”

That’s right, MTV didn’t always play music videos 24/7 back in the day. So can we please put an end to all the “back when MTV actually played music” jokes?

You can order some free 3D glasses here. Don’t sweat the wait, though; the 3D effect isn’t very good. The problem with the anaglyphic 3D process is that it works better with still images than it does on moving footage. Also, 3D looks its best when projected onto a silver screen and you have to play around with color settings in order to make it look somewhat decent on monitors and TV screens. But, all in all, this video is a nice little curiosity.

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