The Meteors

Thirty years ago, three lads from the isle of England put together a band called The Meteors and from there, some say, the genre of psychobilly was born. Punk rock and rockabilly mixing together, with elements of horror mixed in with classic roots rock country.

Thirty years as a band is pretty impressive, even more so when you see the Meteor’s prolific discography (including front-man and original member P. Paul Fenech solo and side projects.)

They’re really catchy and much more high-energy than some of the other bands who utilize the upright bass. More electricity fueled speed. It’s no wonder why Meteors fans have adopted the name ‘the Wrecking Crew.’ It’s like this band is out to demolish everything in its path. Seems like they would be a fun show.

You can find them at the modest website of to check out news and tour dates, though the only ones on the books so far are off in Germany (the Germans sure do love themselves some psychobilly and death rock.)

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