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There aren’t many albums that I listen to from start to finish on my first play. I usually stop, do something completely unrelated to the music at hand and, when a significant amount of time has passed, I come back to finish the album, usually restarting it. Or, worse, the music is so bad that …

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The Arkhams, ‘Road to Arkham’


The Arkhams Road to Arkham As if having the name The Arkhams wouldn’t draw in the psychobilly fiends and spooky kids, the Ed Rothized picture of C’thulu on the front of Road To Arkham will definitely make your horror punker friend pick the disc up. Then, the real horror begins. The Arkhams are one of …

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Tiger Army

I don’t know the guy personally but I’m sure that Tim Armstrong of Rancid is a big fan of psychobilly. Nekromantix, HorrorPops and The Creepshow are all signed to his Hellcat Records label, which also is home to Devils Brigade, which is Matt Freeman’s side project when he’s not playing in Rancid.  Over ten years …

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Memphis Morticians

We talked about Memphis Morticians back when Von Erickson’s work was featured in a Tuesday uEtsy (which I’m told are on vacation for October as we do the daily countdown.) Being that it’s Psychobilly Wednesday, what better band to feature than the Memphis Morticians? I saw them place down in Stanford a few years ago …

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