Memphis Morticians

We talked about Memphis Morticians back when Von Erickson’s work was featured in a Tuesday uEtsy (which I’m told are on vacation for October as we do the daily countdown.) Being that it’s Psychobilly Wednesday, what better band to feature than the Memphis Morticians?

I saw them place down in Stanford a few years ago back when Surf Night was held down that way. I had heard of The Memphis Morticians but I had no idea what I was in for. They were an explosive swagger of evil and cool.

I wanted to get a studded cuff that lead singer Trash Only had on that night in some sense of tribute for the show that they put on. Even though it was some small part of a state some time before Halloween, the Morticians gave such a damn captivating performance it felt that if they would, they’d have no problem bleeding up on stage so long as they were still playing.

Really, a great band. This is straight up rock and roll that is meant to get the body moving and the heart pumping. If Stevie Wonder is music that will get you laid, The Memphis Morticians write music that will get you through a fight. They don’t have any upcoming shows at the moment, but you can find them online at Facebook, Twitter and back on MySpace (if you still do that jazz.) High recommendations and I hope you dig them.

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