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The Mission Creeps Official Site Fright Night Creep Out, Refractory Records 2016 It’s been quite a wait since the Mission Creeps released Midnight Blood back in 2013. Thankfully Fright Night Creep Out is finally here! Has the band lost something over their lengthy break or have they only gotten better with age? Let’s find out! …

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The Mission Creeps, MIDNIGHT BLOOD

The Mission Creeps Official Site Midnight Blood, Refractory Records 2013 For fans of the Mission Creeps, the release of Midnight Blood has been greatly anticipated. Considering how it was initially teased with the inclusion of this album’s title track as a special bonus with some editions of their album Halloween, it’s been quite the wait. …

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The Mission Creeps, HALLOWEEN

The Mission Creeps Official Site Halloween, Refractory Records 2012 For those of you who missed my first article about The Mission Creeps, I’ll explain. Although well-known for their particular brand of dark surf music, it’s not unusual for them to switch genres and styles several times over the course of a single album. Their newest …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: The Mission Creeps

Don't ask me, I have no idea what that is.

The Mission Creeps Official Site Dark Cells, Refractory Records 2010 The Mission Creeps aren’t your typical horror surf band. Brandon Specktor of the Arizona Daily Wildcat described their unique style as “gothic/garage rock,” ReverbNation called it “reverb-drenched guitar, psychotic theremin and velvelty…” and one Frankie Estelle calls them a “Cramps-style surfabilly band.” The Creeps themselves …

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