April 30, 2011 archive

The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

As I noted back when I reviewed Winterbeast, I have a fondness for regional horror films. There’s just something about the rough, “do it yourself” indie vibe combined with the time capsule nature of such films that speaks to me. The best way I have to describe it to someone who has never seen such …

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Killjoy 3

You know you’re in trouble when the creepy occult guy you’re doing business with suggests that you try a more traditional method of revenge rather than summon the ancient demon of vengeance that you’re paying him lots of money to do. But the mystery man in the movie insists on using the demon and after …

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The Star Wars Cantina

Back when I was just a tiny tot, I once read a children’s “making of” book about Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. One of the facts listed inside was that some of the creatures in the famous cantina scene were actually recycled costumes from horror movies. It made sense to me, especially due …

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6′+ Episode 3 is Up!

To quote the description given at our third episode’s official listing: “‘May is Zombie Awareness Month! So before you get sick of them (if you’re not already), we bring you this episode of 6′+ dedicated to the decaying. That’s right – it’s all ZOMBIE related music for this episode.” So be sure to have a …

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