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Looking for some Halloween projects to keep you (or any little ones in your care) busy? Look no further than this vintage article, which has plenty of spooky crafts (including the above-pictured Halloween creature).

Do you want something more advanced? Then try building a coffin from a single sheet of plywood, dirty rat or a snake wreath. If that’s still not enough for you, Jill Williams Grover’s Scary Scenes For Halloween has directions for a “Spooky Treat Bucket” and How to Make Frightening Halloween Decorations by Catherine Ipcizade has a great door cover project.

All Halloween parties need music. It’s just a fact of life. Thankfully, Halloweenmusic.biz is offering a free download of a 16 track Halloween album! With its selection of both spooky and rockin’ music, it’s got something for everyone. Please act fast, though, as this is a limited time offer.

If my old collection of pumpkin carving stencils wasn’t enough for you, perhaps these free Homestar Runner stencils will be of more interest.

Outer space can be both a wondrous and terrifying place, as this collection of spooky sounds from beyond the stars will show you.

This is sure to bring a smile to the face on any Japanese monster movie fan. If that doesn’t work, then this should do the trick.

Did you enjoy the sheet music that I shared for “Spirit Rappings” last year? If so, then I have great news: I found some more spooky songs! Please enjoy “Goblin Man,” “Denny Malone’s Ghost” and “The Witches Flight.”

The Google Books preview for Ghostly Frights For Halloween Nights by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki has lots of great tricks you can play on visitors to your home this Halloween. I especially like the one involving the Grim Reaper costume. In fact, I think it’ll work even better if you already have a Grim Reaper prop hanging up.

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