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Best Birthday Ever!

On this day in 2008, Strange Jason posted the first ever Gravedigger’s Local 16 entry. To celebrate the site’s birthday, let’s watch a video of a birthday party featuring an amazing (and huge) King Kong costume: Awesome stuff, right? It gets better: I noticed that video’s description said the father of the boy the party …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Arts & Crafts

With all of the music reviews that are being done for the Freaky Tiki Surf-ari, odds are that some of you have developed a hankering for some Tiki stuff of your very own. The appeal of Tiki bar decor is very understandable, whether you want it regular or spooky. With that in mind, I have …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Shag! and The Art Of Tiki

With all of the focus on Tiki music here at the Local, it’s all too easy to forget its artistic side. Thankfully, Google Books makes it just as easy to jog one’s memory on the subject. Let’s start with Tiki Art Now! by Otto Von Stroheim and Robert Williams. In addition to its great information …

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Defrosting The Minnesota Iceman

For the uninitiated, the Minnesota Iceman was sideshow exhibit featuring a hairy, manlike creature encased in a block of ice owned by a mister Frank Hansen. Hansen originally claimed to have bought the iceman in Hong Kong, which had been brought there by sailors who fished it out of cold Russian waters. Other tellings gave …

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Gemora Greatness

In honor of Asian Heritage Month, let’s take a look at the life and works of legendary gorilla suit maker/actor Charles Gemora. Charles “Charlie” Gemora was born on August 15th, 1903 in the Philippines. Stowing away on a ship headed for America, Gemora arrived in California and made money selling portraits on the street in …

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Links *I* Like

As a sequel of sorts to an earlier post by Weird Jon, I thought I would compile a list of websites I enjoy. Well, with the exception of the ones already listed on the sidebar… Cold Fusion Reviews – One of my favorite bad movie review websites. I love the comments given by the Hieratic …

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Cast Your Vote!

Go to any discussion of horror films and you’re sure to find people wondering, if not complaining, why certain films haven’t gotten released onto DVD yet. But I have good news! Turner Classic Movies has set up a website where you can vote for which movies should get a DVD release. The more votes a …

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Custom Cover Art

Maybe it’s due to the dream I had awhile back about a video store’s VHS clearance sale, but I’ve been thinking about custom cover art for VHS and DVD lately. More specifically, covers created by rental store employees after something happened to the original cover. I’ve only seen this happen a couple of times, with …

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Watching Necropolis

[The following occurred a few days ago, after the writer decided to search the “Impact” OnDemand folder for newly posted horror movies. WARNING: Minor Spoilers] AMM: Hhmm…Necropolis sounds interesting.

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Many of you probably know of the Krampus from its appearance on The Venture Bros. Christmas special. For those that don’t, I’ll explain: The Krampus is a type of legendary creature (some accounts claim it’s a type of incubus) that is said to act as a companion or counterpart to Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) …

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Happy Godzilla Day!

Let’s celebrate good old Godzie’s birthday by looking over my favorite Japanese monster movie sites: Toho Kingdom – This exhaustive site not only covers Toho’s non-Godzilla/kaiju films, but also has sections devoted to kaiju concept art and movies that were planned, but never made. SciFi Japan – Some of the most in-depth news and reviews …

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Attack of the Anime Adaptations

Animation is not always for children, and the two films I’m going to discuss are definite proof of this. The slice of insanity you just witnessed is from an anime called Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, a Japanese adaptation of Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula comic book. In fact, it was produced as part of the …

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Happy Birthday Godzilla!

According to a friend’s LiveJournal, Godzilla has turned 54 today. To celebrate, I dug up some videos on Youtube that celebrated the Big G’s birthday in 1985 and 2004. Enjoy!

Halloween How (not) To

Here’s a bizarre, creepy, and definitely NSFW tutorial on making a female troll figure for Halloween. THRILL! at a man smoking and yelling at his dog! CHILL! at repeated use of the phrase “troll titties” and at the thought of what he’ll do with the finished troll! Back when I first saw this on, …

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