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Preview of the 2013 6’+ Halloween Episode

Because of 6’+, we have to keep an ear open for particular music all year around – specifically Christmas/Hanukkah and Halloween music. And most of the horror-themed bands that we spotlight don’t always do Halloween music. There is also a limited amount of subject matter one can sing about the holiday. So, when we find …

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Getting In The Mood: The Spooky, WE HAVE RISEN

By the time of writing, you can buy copies of this album off of Ebay. The Spooky are a great band. They’re not that active anymore because horror punk bands don’t make any money unless you sound like early AFI or late Misfits. But go and pick up a copy of We Have Risen, because …

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Pick Up The Phone

Do me a favor. Go to Give it a listen. In the meantime, pick up your phone.  

TGIF13 VI: The Man Behind The Mask

It just occurred to me that, despite the obvious Friday the 13th connection, I’ve never discussed Alice Cooper’s classic song “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” here before. That oversight ends today, thanks to this upload by lairofhorror: Now that I think about it, it’s eerily appropriate how I decided to write about …

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Flow Like Poe

Are you an Edgar Allan Poe fan in need of some fun? Or perhaps you’re in need of the way to make learning about writing in iambic pentameter that’s both entertaining and easy to understand? In any case, all you need to do is watch the music video for MC Lars’ song “Flow Like Poe” …

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Crypt Jam

In the early 90’s, Tales From The Crypt was EVERYWHERE. So much so that I knew exactly what the Crypt Keeper looked and sounded like despite never having seen a single episode. In fact, I remember watching an episode of the animated spin-off Tales From The Cryptkeeper and being pleased they used the same voice …

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Merry Fishmas!

Another year, another fan-made music video of a holiday song by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. This year’s selection is “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fishmen,” as filmed and uploaded by one haakor: That said, you shouldn’t watch it if you want to avoid any spoilers for The Shadow Over Innsmouth… Merry Christmas!

Unintentionally Appropriate Halloween Songs (p.2)

When you’re making a Halloween playlist and you want to do something a little off-the-beaten-path, you can’t go wrong with Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses” (AKA The Buffalo Bill Song from Silence of the Lambs). This song is horrifying in that movie and perfect to play when you want to send those people who KNOW what …

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Unintentionally Appropriate Halloween Song

Today’s UAHS is “Kandy Korn” by the late Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, off of the Strictly Personal release. Despite being a near-life long Zappa fan, I’m not that much into Beefheart. He’s far more avant-garde than Zappa and some of his more discordant songs are straight up hard to listen to. However, this song is more psychadelic …

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New York Comic Con v. Bad Whoremoans

I’m going to be away from the site for a few days. I’m hanging out at New York Comic Con and seeing a horror play on Saturday. Until then, go buy the new Bad Whoremoans album, Seven Year Itch.

And now…The Cramps

Lux Interior (aka Erick Lee Purkhiser) was born on October 21st. I think we need a holiday for that. Dia del Lux. It’s fitting that he was born in the middle of the Halloween season. I recently was at a shindig where ‘Songs The Lord Taught Us’ was put on from start to finish. A chance …

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Video: Zombie! “Beyond Ghosts”

Happy Halloween. Have some horror punk.

Alice Cooper’s Identity Crisis

The story goes that, back in the early 80’s, Vincent Furnier (better known as Alice Cooper) was approached by some foreign filmmakers about starring in a horror movie. Cooper was hesitant about the idea, until the filmmakers assured him that the film would only be seen in the Philippines. As it turns out, this was …

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Farewell, Zombie Awareness Month

Although I think our selection of zombie-related posts was wider than last year’s offers, I must admit that our grand total of zombie-related content was not quite as large as I had hoped. Granted, many of us were very busy this month, but I still felt kind of bad about it. So I thought make …

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The Aquabats, “Fashion Zombies”

Given all the music–based articles I’ve done for the site, it may surprise you to learn that I wasn’t always this way. For much of my early life, I was more of a passive listener of music. If it was on the radio or something my parents were listening to, then by golly, that’s what …

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You Get Cancelled…

Once upon a time, a man by the name of Jerry G. Bishop played a horror host called “Svengoolie” on Screaming Yellow Theater. Although only on the air from 1970-1973, the series gained a loyal following. One fan by the name of Rich Koz submitted so many sketch ideas to the show that he was …

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